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Well, time to hit the shower (now that I got a cup of java). I’m getting ready to do an interview with a Kansas State alumni and digital media major. This gentlemen should prove to be a great addition to my collection of video interviews thus far. These interviews are going into a 2-minute video, showcasing K-state’s digital media student’s, teachers, and alumni. A very brief version of this will be within another video, in the form of a thirty second commercial.

This time I will make sure this interview is perfect. The first three, unfortunately, I used the camera source as the audio (my bad). *Warning*, “Always use an external source of audio when you take video footage that you want its audio from.”

The first three I have to shoot over, as they are too quiet or just crapping sounding.

Okay, here I go…


Playing catch up and what not


Hey all,

I’ve been a busy beaver lately trying to keep up with this semesters work-load. I am feeling my years as late (52) and have been having mixed emotions about my future. I think I’m just tired and stressed, so I will let my thoughts brew and see where they go. Being a senior at my age is tough :p

I don’t feel lately that I fit in on campus, and have lost my zeal and enthusiasm. My real goal was to just show my parents that I could get a bachelor’s degree like my little sister. Six of us siblings and my little sister is the only one of us to have a B.S., Actually, besides my little sister, I am the only other sibling to get a degree (A.S) 3 brothers and 1 older sister never went to college. My 3 older siblings never even graduated high school.

I did lousy in school my whole life as a kid, and this time in college I have worked real hard and have done very well. I proved to my parents that I can do good in school and I am not a dummy. Oh well, Spring break is coming in a day, so I can hopefully get the mental rest I so desperately need. I will also play catchup on a few things for school. 🙂

Just a list of references for my research paper (social media)

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Social media in the workplace


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LinkedIn account discussion

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Today in my social media class we discussed an article in the U.S.News , “What recruiters think when they see your linkedIn profile.”

The article states, “Nearly 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates, a recent survey found.”
Impressive bit of information I thought. They go on to say, “If you want to impress the heck out of recruiters, answer their questions.”

These were the questions they chose:

  • Does this person really want the job?
  • Who does this person know?
  • Who has this person impressed?
  • Does this person even have a personality?
  • Is this person a big deal?

If this sounds interesting to you, click on the link and see what’s said about these questions.

I setup an account with linkedIn to help facilitate my eventual job placement. I have been steadily working on it to bring it up to a well organized, info packed presentation of my skills and other essential items necessary to get a great job.

3-way phone call

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Washington post story

Today in our social media class here at K-State college, we had the privilege of speaking to 2 guys (via 3-way phone call) that were involved many years previously in a court battle over child abuse. This was in the Washington Post newspaper. I’ll briefly describe some of the details of what happened.

On September 11th, 2001 Joshua Kaplowitz was charged with assault on a 7 yr old boy. Yes, it was just prior to the attacks on the Worlds Trade Center. Josh was an elementary teacher in DC’s inner-city and the boy, Raynard, was a student in his class.

From my reading of the story, I could sense a major unruly classroom full of very disobedient kids. I personally would never have had the patience shown by Mr. Kaplowitz to his kids. Raynard repeatedly asks to go to the bathroom (this stunt has happened many times) and because of all the unruliness of the classroom and Mr. Kaplowitz desperation, he leads the 7 yr old out of the classroom by his hand on the top of Raynard’s back and sends him away to the bathroom.

Later the kid accuses Joshua of  throwing him down to the floor out in the hallway, eventually leading to his arrest. This arrest had devastating effects that were long lasting to Mr. Kaplowitz and his future career.

Fast forwarding,

Out of the blue, Josh gets a friend request on Face Book from Raynard:

1/23/2012, 2:37 pm

Raynard Ware

Hey, Mr. Kaplowitz I’m Raynard as you can see. I just wanted to say I’m doing well. I graduated high school with a 3.6. I also had scholarship offers from Georgetown, Yale and Morehouse. I choose to attend Morehouse because I felt I wasn’t prepared for Yale or Georgetown. … I’ve re-evaluated the past incident and I just want to say I apologize for everything that happened. I would really appreciate it if I could hear back from you. ttyl!!

 WOW! That had to be a huge surprise to Josh. His decision to accept the offer wasn’t one that was quickly decided. Joshua still felt the pain inflicted all those years ago. He never even told his kids he had been a school teacher and his wife asked him if he hasn’t already had enough.

Joshua eventually confirmed the request.

The 2 of them have since built a relationship and have put the past behind them.

Back to the class phone call…

We all got to ask each of them a few questions of our own choosing, and got to hear from Josh and Raynard their responses and current affairs. I can’t quote either of them on their responses, but they seemed to be happy and at peace with each other. They were able to forgive and forget I guess.



Great advice given

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Myself, and my fellow bloggers  had the distinct pleasure of our college Dean, Ms. Verna Fitzsimmons in our social media class today. She gave us a history of her impressive career and some life lessons to follow in order to achieve similar results that she has gained. We spoke in length about what was most important in getting far in our life careers. A visual handout was given to us to better see the ideas she was describing. Cutting to the bare bones of it, we all are going to have events that require us to come up with solutions to solve them. Thinking critically is how we should approach them, and the way we choose our questions is important. We need to steer away from the “judger” questions; IE: “What’s wrong with me?” “Why doesn’t anything work?”  “Why is everyone so stupid and clueless?”  “Whose fault is it?”

Instead we should opt for the “learner” questions; IE: “What do I want?”  “What am I assuming and what are the facts?”  “What are my choices?”  “What’s possible?”

Choosing a learner mindset gives us the tools necessary to achieve heights we never considered even possible. So stay out of the judger pit and instead chose the path that carries you to the winners box!


Latest happenings…

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The first topic in my Social Media class this week was, “like a girl.”
I watched a video that showed first young adult woman being asked to throw a ball like a girl,
run like a girl, etc. Then they had young adult males do the same. I was actually surprised to see the women doing the activities just the way the guys did, IE: when throwing a ball, barely throwing it while being awkward and dainty. I laughed at this part. Then they showed girls around ten years old doing the same tasks. They threw the ball with power and precision, as well as all the other tasks. I got tears in my eyes when I saw this happening. I knew where they were heading with this and I was saddened by my realizations. I realized that I was guilty of the same crap that caused this to happen. Us guys have demoralized girls into thinking their less than us, and cannot do things the way we do. As girls are becoming woman, they are vulnerable to criticism and it can be detrimental to later feelings of themselves. Women.. I apologize for allowing myself to be insensitive and bringing you down instead of lifting you up. It won’t ever happen again.

The other two topics will need lots of space, so they will be on their own blog.

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