There is only 5 weeks of class left…Gulp

Trying to get my old mind to stay calm and get organized is a challenge sometimes :p
I’m halfway through getting my paper done for my social media class (due in 4 days).
I have still 2 tests left to take in my physics class which is nerve-wrecking. I spend
ample time and effort in this physics class, yet my heads barely above water (hope I don’t drown).
My brain is wired for creativity and art/music. These things I do easily; math and logistics…..

Open house was this weekend and I worked it for my physics teacher. Had a blast! (literally)
We had a booth setup to launch water bottles way up in the air like rockets using just compressed air.
I love interacting with the children and helping them have fun. soon my youngest daughter will be an adult and leaving the nest. I will no longer have a teaching/guiding purpose at home. I am so used to it that I may change my degree to one of teaching. I have always been good at working with kids (and young adults) Who knows….I’ll take it 1 step at a time.