Today in my social media class we got to Skype with a class that is from Connecticut. They are seventh graders, and I’m not sure what particular class their in.
We played a game where each classroom gets 1 question to guess where the other classrooms town or city is located. These questions are of the yes or no type.
Me and a boy from the other classroom played rock, paper, scissors to see who would go 1st. He won, so he chose 1st. Their initial questions were funny because they asked if we were in the west, then they asked if we were in the east, then south and north. We answered with no for everyone of those questions which confused them for a bit. I guess technically we are from the west (Midwest).
Eventually they guessed Salina and won. beaten by a bunch of 7th graders…Grrrrr

Actually I’m happy they won. They were a nice bunch of kids who were having a lot of fun. I want to do that again (Skype). I want a rematch against those kids who whipped us.

That experience reaffirmed my desire to become a teacher. I love kids and want to educate them in a fun and new way.