Hey all,

I’ve been a busy beaver lately trying to keep up with this semesters work-load. I am feeling my years as late (52) and have been having mixed emotions about my future. I think I’m just tired and stressed, so I will let my thoughts brew and see where they go. Being a senior at my age is tough :p

I don’t feel lately that I fit in on campus, and have lost my zeal and enthusiasm. My real goal was to just show my parents that I could get a bachelor’s degree like my little sister. Six of us siblings and my little sister is the only one of us to have a B.S., Actually, besides my little sister, I am the only other sibling to get a degree (A.S) 3 brothers and 1 older sister never went to college. My 3 older siblings never even graduated high school.

I did lousy in school my whole life as a kid, and this time in college I have worked real hard and have done very well. I proved to my parents that I can do good in school and I am not a dummy. Oh well, Spring break is coming in a day, so I can hopefully get the mental rest I so desperately need. I will also play catchup on a few things for school. 🙂