Myself, and my fellow bloggers  had the distinct pleasure of our college Dean, Ms. Verna Fitzsimmons in our social media class today. She gave us a history of her impressive career and some life lessons to follow in order to achieve similar results that she has gained. We spoke in length about what was most important in getting far in our life careers. A visual handout was given to us to better see the ideas she was describing. Cutting to the bare bones of it, we all are going to have events that require us to come up with solutions to solve them. Thinking critically is how we should approach them, and the way we choose our questions is important. We need to steer away from the “judger” questions; IE: “What’s wrong with me?” “Why doesn’t anything work?”  “Why is everyone so stupid and clueless?”  “Whose fault is it?”

Instead we should opt for the “learner” questions; IE: “What do I want?”  “What am I assuming and what are the facts?”  “What are my choices?”  “What’s possible?”

Choosing a learner mindset gives us the tools necessary to achieve heights we never considered even possible. So stay out of the judger pit and instead chose the path that carries you to the winners box!