The first topic in my Social Media class this week was, “like a girl.”
I watched a video that showed first young adult woman being asked to throw a ball like a girl,
run like a girl, etc. Then they had young adult males do the same. I was actually surprised to see the women doing the activities just the way the guys did, IE: when throwing a ball, barely throwing it while being awkward and dainty. I laughed at this part. Then they showed girls around ten years old doing the same tasks. They threw the ball with power and precision, as well as all the other tasks. I got tears in my eyes when I saw this happening. I knew where they were heading with this and I was saddened by my realizations. I realized that I was guilty of the same crap that caused this to happen. Us guys have demoralized girls into thinking their less than us, and cannot do things the way we do. As girls are becoming woman, they are vulnerable to criticism and it can be detrimental to later feelings of themselves. Women.. I apologize for allowing myself to be insensitive and bringing you down instead of lifting you up. It won’t ever happen again.

The other two topics will need lots of space, so they will be on their own blog.