Three more topics in my social media class for me to share: Why the trolls will always win, can we auto-correct humanity, and new reality for marketing on Facebook.

“Why the trolls will always win” by Kathy Sierra is of course about internet trolls. This article was massive, which after a while of listening to the same thing with different words applied made me stop reading it. I’m not discounting it, I just got the point early on. Anybody who uses their words as weapons to hurt someone is just immature and self-centered. I personally don’t give them the time of day, let alone, give them a rebuttal. So I guess I don’t agree with the author.

“Can we auto-correct humanity” by Prince Ea was brilliant and moving. Now because of how it was done, this piece was both interesting and effective. If you haven’t seen it, do so. I have no shield up anymore as I am on the down-hill-run of my life, so I’ll tell you that I teared up at the end. Effective message?

For this one all I can say is this, figure out what is too much and try to monitor yourself as much as you can (when you remember to do so).

lastly, the marketing topic about Facebook’s new marketing strategy was both looooong, and TMI. I lost interest straight away. Ineffective approach regardless of the material. Do I like the idea they come up with? Can’t say it’s good or bad for me, as I don’t own a business.

See ya next time friends.