After a long break from blogging, I once again will throw some text onto this canvas and attempt to inspire, entertain, enlighten and other-wise hobnob with my fellow bloggers. A few topics discussed thus far in my Social Media class at K-State University are: “Stolen photograph”, “Is Google making us stupid?”, and “how Oreo won the marketing Superbowl”.

As a class we discussed each topic and gave our personal viewpoints along with an insightful question pertaining to each area. The stolen photograph is about a gal (Danielle) who received a message from a friend on Facebook telling her that there was a picture of her and her family (husband, son, daughter) life-size on a store front window in the Czech Republic. Danielle does not live anywhere near there (USA).

Danielle states that she never modeled for an advertising agency. This photograph was simply on her Facebook page and was only accessible to her friends. This is a beautiful example of just how private our photos are. In my personal opinion, I wont put anything out there that I put limitations on. I know better.

The topic asking if Google is making us stupid is another good one we addressed. We have been programmed to, “just Google it”. If we are not able to think critically at what we research, we will quite possibly be pulled into a web of deceit. I’ll just say to take whatever you read with a grain of salt, and find credibility whenever possible.

The last topic we discussed was about the very timely tweet from the Oreo twitter account. During Superbowl XLVII, when a power outage at the Superdome caused some of the lights to go out for 34 minutes. Oreo’s social media team jumped on the timely moment, tweeting an ad that read “Power Out? No problem” with a starkly-lit image of a solitary Oreo and the caption, “You can still dunk in the dark.” HOW CLEVER.

As incredible as this seems, there was a large social media team (from Oreo of course) at the Superbowl with assignments and whatnot. It was non-the-less brilliant and a definite SCORE!