To learn how to download and edit video using Video Down-loader Pro, and Sony Vegas video editing software. 

Equipment list:
Computer with internet access along with the built-in video software Sony Vegas.

Notes and observations:
I am a digital media major, so this lab was a breeze.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures:

We had a sheet with instructions to guide us through the lab.

Which of the other Creative Commons check boxes might you want to select to find appropriate licensed images for your video project?
Find content to use commercially &  Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon

Which of the Creative Commons licenses could you use in your class video project?
Attribution, attribution non-commercial-share alike, attribution-share-alike, and attribution- non-commercial.

All of those allow the video to be re-mixed, tweaked, and built upon.

Which license would not be acceptable to use in your video project?

Why not?
Because you can’t change them in any way.

This lab was very useful to those who were not familiar with downloading video, citing video work, and using Sony Vegas Pro.