7 of us classmates were to construct a working network with subnets using the network equipment that is provided in the lab. The instructor was only an observer (we were on our own).    

Equipment list:
3 routers, 3 switches, 4 computers and plenty of media.

Notes and observations:
The longest time was spent on configuring the network and sub-nets; which we did on the whiteboard.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures:
We used a whiteboard to map-out a plan to organize and implement our proposed network. There was a lot of writing for making each sub-net, gateway, IP, subnet mask, and of course, the diagram of devices. See below for the picture of finished whiteboard. 

We had a sheet copy of instructions on both what was needed from the instructor, and the commands necessary to configure everything. 

There was no questions with this lab (just hard work).

Getting to apply what I learned from the previous lab and actually do it  with real equipment was both fun and it also helped plant a much better picture of whats going on in my mind. Great lab!