Packet sniffing with Wireshark. Sometimes a network needs to have a good snapshot view of what is happening on the network. A packet sniffing protocol analyzer can be the perfect choice. The objective here is to learn what the software does and understand it.

Equipment list:
Computer with internet access

Notes and observations:
There is so much to learn and digest. I am slowly starting to see what is happening here.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures:

Hard copy of instructions to guide us.

What is the purpose of sequence numbers?
A sequence number allows the transport layer functions on the destination host to reassemble segments in the order in which they were transmitted.
What is the purpose of source & destination address?
The place from which the data is moved is called the source and the place from which the data is moved is called the destination (or target). The purpose is to find the best source address for the destination.
What is the purpose of DNS?
DNS (Domain Name System) translates Internet domain and host names to IP addresses.

There is a whole lot to learn and comprehend with this lab. I feel I barely touched the surface of packet sniffing, however, I now have a better understanding of what that really means.