To learn about HTTP and FTP servers, which are two of the many available services that can operate on a TCP/IP network.

Equipment list:
Computer with internet access.

Notes and observations:
It was fun to download the Apache web server and test it to see it configured and running properly. It was also fun and interesting creating a homepage.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures:
This lab was done exclusively using a two-page hard copy instruction guide. All the instructions were within its pages.

The hard copy instructions shown above.

What does the default homepage on my server look like?
White background, black text top 1/3 of page and an Apache logo.

What is the main configuration file for the Apache server?
httpd.conf         C:\ProgramFiles\Apache2\conf

How many languages does Apache support natively?
27 languages

What is the default address that FTP wants to connect to?   port 14147   which is the address of the FTP server.

I  better understand now the flow of data from terminal to server and how the HTTP server and FTP server works.