To learn about the OSI model as a method of understanding modern computer networks.

Equipment list:
Computer with internet access.

Notes and observations:
ARP: address resolution protocol, converts an IP address into a physical address. Maps the IP address to the MAC address. You can verify connectivity by pinging a device, but you can get more information by running a trace route.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures:
There was a MAC address table that was referenced during the course of the lab to see what was happening.

We had hard copy of instructions along with an OSI model chart to guide us through learning and navigating through the various challenges and problems.

I was able to answer the few questions I had while I was doing the lab through observation and analysis.

Without the OSI model, networks would be very difficult to understand and implement.
With the OSI model, networks can be broken up into manageable pieces. It provides a common language to explain components and their functionality.