The clip I chose to work on is called: “Sam’s Speech”.  It is one of my favorite scenes to the wonderful movie, ” Lord of The Rings” (2:18)(youtube).

I’ll begin with the timeline along with what shot(s) were used to complete the scene.

(0:00-0:05): Establishing shot, (WS), 1-shot, tilt-up, dramatic zoom.
(0:06-0:14): Reaction/reverse shot, (MCU), pans up, (WS), 1-shot.
(0:18-0:24): (WS), 2-shot, (MCU).
(0:25-0:27): Over the shoulder, (WS), 1-shot.
(0:28-0:35): (WS), (MCU), 1-shot, dramatic zoom done slowly.
(0:36-0:47): Reaction/reverse shot, (MCU), dramatic zoom, 1-shot.
(0:48-0:49): (WS).
(0:50-0:51): (WS).
(0:52-0:53): Cutaway.
(0:54-0:55): (WS).
(0:56-0:58): (MCU), 1-shot, slight panning up, down, left, and right.
(0:59-1:01): Tilt-up, tilt down, (CU), 1-shot.
(1:02-1:05): (MCU).
(1:06-1:11): (WS), dolly left.
(1:12-1:15): (MCU), Panning(tilt) down.
(1:16-1:19): (WS).
(1:20-1:23): (WS), Dolly back, 1-shot.
(1:24-1:30): (WS), Dolly backwards and upwards.
(1:31-1:43): (MCU), 1-shot, dolly in to ..> (CU).
(1:44-1:47): (MCU), 1-shot, reaction/reverse shot.
(1:48-1:51): (MCU), 1-shot, reaction/reverse shot.
(1:52-1:54): (CU), tilt-up(slowly panning), 1-shot, reaction/reverse shot.
(1:55-1:56): MCU), 2-shot.
(1:57-2:06): (MCU), 2-shot, zoom to (CU) possibly dolly work.
(2:07-2:09): (CU), reaction/reverse shot, dolly or zoomed in.
(2:10-2:13): (CU), reaction/reverse shot, down tilt slowly.
(2:14-2:18): (CU), reaction/reverse.