My Own country Ideas:

Brainstorming ideas:

  • Currency will be a chip implanted within your body.  There will actually be 2 chips. 2 will be implanted at birth, 1 is from 0-16 years old so your parents get charged for your expenses. The other is from 16-grave that activates at 16 yrs old. All expenses are then your responsibility. (Kid chip fails at 16).
  • Fund transfers will be available from friends and family when needed.
  • Rules will all be the same, regardless of stature or currency level. If you break a rule; you will be responsible for correcting it, regardless of stature.
  • There will be no lawyers or politicians.
  • There will be communities where each individual has a responsibility within it.
  • There will be no living outside of the community on your own.
  • Violence of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • There will be no weapons of any kind allowed.
  • Schools will be where an adult can gain high praise and value working in them.
  • Speaking negatively will be greatly frowned upon; even “taboo”.
  • Every family will have a specialized craft that they do for the community.
  • No one will work more than 8 hrs a day on their craft.
  • Everyone must participate daily at the community square in discussion, socializing, exchanging of ideas, music, etc., 2 hrs a day required.