I listened to “This American Life” Episode 460 called,”‘Retraction”. 

Unfortunately, Ira Glass had to air this episode as a retraction to a previously aired program; in which I listened to, and  had strong feelings of both pity, and sorrow ( maybe some anger as well). I had good thoughts about Mike Daisy, who is a story teller of sorts. I think he is definitely great in that medium. Mr Daisy had gone to China and had allegedly witnessed many disturbing things dealing with the Apple Factory in Szechuan, China( they make stuff like the Ipad and Iphone). He returned home with a lot of information concerning the conditions and treatment of workers within this factory. To cut to the chase, most of what he said, and all the really dramatic, heart-felt stuff,   He     Made     Up.

I am angry with Mr Daisy for his self-centered decision to greatly embellish the story, thus adding a lot of  volume to it. His attempt worked brilliantly; as he earned big money and support from it.   Shame on you Mike Daisy for your slander.

The people I feel for the most are Ira Glass and his associates. They withhold to true journalism and would never, ever consider giving us, the audience, anything but the truth. Ira, please don’t allow this guy to bring you down even in the slightest. The many listeners of your show understand and hold no ill toward the show.

Living life in the Digital-Age can occasionally produce a negative,  and once out there we can never get it back. All we can do is move forward and hope for bigger and better things.