Having previously listened to several “This American Life” pod-casts, I initially disliked RadioLab1, thinking it was just a radio “hack” show. They butt-in when the others are talking; they way over-due the sounds and music at times.After getting past the first ten minutes I began to actually listen to it constructively.They seem to mimic “This American Life” to some degree, and that is why I kinda liked it at first (after the pre-story intro crap).

The three stories were centered around the topic” Parasites”. The first story was about a wasp that would “mind control” a captured cockroach by sticking her stinger into the roaches head; the stinger finding the area of the brain that controls independent thought, and rendering the roach docile and lame-brained (just like a frontal lobotomy huh?). She then would then be able to drag the dumb roach by the antennae, down into her nest to begin implanting a larvae into the roaches tummy.(typical women stuff hehe). That’s just plain creepy I think. The baby wasp would feed on the roach (while all this time the roach was alive) and come blasting through the roaches abdomen just like “Aliens” the movie. They did a fair job of using sound-effects and not too bad of music ambiance. the narration wasn’t that bad either. there was a second part was about a black ant with a big red butt.; not even going there.The third example was about two cute little blood flukes that stayed monogamous and were spooned together for eternity, all the while swimming your circulatory system. Adorable….NOT.  Yet another creepy parasite living off its host.music and ambient sounds weren’t bad.

The second story was about nasty hook worms.This story was basically about Poop,….yes poop.To get to the gist of it, by building outhouses we eradicated hook worms. The next example was about a guy with asthma he got rid of it by going to Africa and walking in a bunch of African poop. That’s just wrong, I don’t care who you are.The music and sounds fitted the story okay, however, they over-do them, over-kill or over dramatic, making it unprofessional.

last story was about again mind control by parasites called toxo-plasma gaandi or something like that.You’ve heard of cat-scratch-fever? well this is it.The parasites want to be in cat-guts so they can multiply, so if they accidentally get into another animal like a rat, the parasites would then crawl to the brain and rewire it to like cat urine. How neat is that?…NOT. They then went on to say that schizophrenia is caused by that same parasite, because before cats were introduced here, there weren’t many cases of it.    Hogwash…..I think it just wasn’t documented before then. The music,ambient sounds were okay, but I truly feel they are too immature at how and when on doing them. They need to take lessons from “This American Life”.

Sorry guys at RadioLab I just feel your to much sounding like a “hack”