This podcast I listened to was called” What I did for love” . Act one starts with a couple that was 30 yrs old and and had a great relationship together. they had been together for 13 yrs and got to talking about how they never really spoke about marriage. For some odd reason they decided that before they would “tie the knot”  they would separate for a month and have sex with other people but not themselves. That in its self would make me throw up the red flag. If their relationship was so “honky-dory” that idea wouldn’t have produced itself. Anyway, they go a month of doing this, then decide to go for another month. hrmm… ooookay, which then leads to another. To cut to the chase, they decide to breakup their relationship permanently. They are now just good friends and chat 3 times a week. No mystery there for me. I saw that coming from the beginning. The hook was how it ended,but I saw it right away, because that is not how to handle a relationship with the person you love.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Act 2:   This was about a fellow getting “stung” by a pretty bee. It starts out where this guy is going to school and meets a pretty girl that has a lot in common with him. he woos her, falls in love w/her, and does everything he can to win her love. She pecks him on the cheek with a kiss, and he things that he got a signal that she is interested in him as well. Right away I thought that if she’s holding back that much, she either doesn’t like him, or she has a boyfriend. She eventually asks him for a bag of dope. red flag! He gets the bag and gives it to her and receives money in payment. Closed deal. The reason why she never warmed up to him is that she is a under-cover cop and was just setting him up (seems dirty to me because of how petty that was). I would have ulcers acting that way. I don’t do or condone drugs, but that seemed petty to me. I’ll bet the guy develops a mistrust for pretty girls from now on.                              Act 3: My Favorite!!!

This is a story about a duck that’s in love with a rock. There’s a boy duck that sees beauty in a rock. All the ducks around think he’s nuts except this one girl duck. She sees how thoughtful and loving this boy duck is and how sweet, caring, and faithful he is to this rock. She comes up with an idea to help this lovelorn duck get some resolve. She gets all the ducks together to carry this beautiful stone  to the edge of a cliff to throw it over and see what happens. They get exhausted and give up carrying the rock so the final way its carried by the girl duck and boy one. They get to the cliff and throw the rock over. At 1st it just falls(like a rock)but all of a sudden the rock transforms and changes into a beautiful grey duck. She turns her head and says “good-bye”. They go back to the duck town and all the ducks say, “what happened”?  The girl duck said, ” The rock just fell”. Days later while the girl duck was swimming around thinking avbout the boy duck, the boy duck swooped down and landed,swam over to the girl duck. She noticed a little salamander in his bill. Is that for me, she asked?  The boy duck just smiled.

Adorable!!!  How sweet a story.

I had tears in my eyes listening to this story. (yeah I know, what a wuss). Beautifly written, well narrated, and great music and noises at just the right times.

Act 4: This was basically about snooping, and the consequences of it. A womon dates this guy for a while and he accidently leaves his diary to where she can read it.  She finds out that he has been cheating on her and she isnt as significant as she assumed. Well…….sure wasnt as fun as the duck one…

The story wasnt my cup of tea, but it still had good qualities within it by the use of music and sounds, which shows me that even with a not so good story, if you use good delivery skills, you can end up with something enjoyable to listen to.