This podcast was titled “conventions”  Act one began with a guy who would watch the old TV show “Dark Shadows”  for like eight hours a day, seven days a week. That in itself seems over the top for watching just one particular show, let alone how damn slow and boring a show it was. I watched a little bit of it as a teenager and could never stay interested in it for very long. Anyway, this guy goes to a “Dark Shadows Convention and tells about his feelings being there and all the events he went through as the four days play-out.  His first day there at the convention he feels out of place because of his “Dark Shadows” attire (which no one else was wearing) and of course the newness of the first day being there. He becomes more relaxed and “gets in the groove” the next day. At the convention there, they had TV’s playing various “Dark Shadows” episodes with lots of places to sit and watch. By the third day he is already getting tired of the monotonous style of watching and discussing the show. By day four he is so burned-out that he feels like never watching another episode again. that was funny to hear (being how he was such a” Dark shadows junkie”).  He said that he was later ( when he was home of course) able to watch the episodes again. I’m guessing not as frequently though.

The next act was about a dude who wrote books about being a dishwasher and traveling around to every state “bustin suds”. He goes to this convention for restaurants owners and mingles with them. I’m having a harder time remembering this story. I guess because the story itself wasn’t on a subject I felt was very interesting to listen to. I hate bustin suds at home or at work. I worked for “Bob’s Big Boy” as a sud buster and lasted 3 days before bailing. I guess the gist of the story was about how he would ask questions to the owners about the actual dish washer workers and they really couldn’t answer any of his questions. At the end Bob Dole was speaking there and finally answered his question which was ” What do you have to say to all the dish washer workers out there”?  Bob Doles response was ” keep washing them”. That part was actually a little funny.

The last act (and my definite favorite) was about a guy who was speaking at a convention and there happened to be another convention within the building as well. the two conventions were drastically different from each other. His was some sort of digital electronic seminar, and the other convention was for psychologists.  At any rate, he was inter-mingling with guests from all the different conventions there and his eyes met a a gals and there gazes were locked for about 45 seconds. He eventually gets to where she is at and right away they “hit it off”. They spend the rest of the time there at the convention together. At some point they decide to get married and were preparing to spend their lives together when his fiancee takes a plane home back to their apartment and on the way there dies from a heart condition.

All I can say is that right there my mood changed drastically, listening to the rest of the story. He is still flying a lot ( from his job) and when he’s “up there” he feels closer to his beloved. Very sad…

As always throughout each story there are either noises or music or both. That was done effectively as always. I remember when one of them was riding a train or something, there was train noise; very effective.

Moods were enhanced if not created through the use of these audio nuances. I once again enjoyed the podcast greatly.