Exodusters in Kansas

Buffalo Soldiers in Kansas
Black cowboys in the old west?…Of course!

In the Film Industry, there are  many western’s depicting how things were in the old West.      We rarely saw  a Black cowboy, yet 25% of all cowboys were Black!  The film Industry has  hidden this fact from so many people. I feel the need to get this fact out, and help us all to know and appreciate something that should  never have been unknown or hidden from us.

When I watch a western I definitely wanna see Blacks in it or it’s just not authentic.

“Tombstone” was a great movie And did have some Black cowboys (and cowgirls) in the cast. Who can forget “Blazing Saddles” That film had a black sheriff and it worked just fine.

It was the earlier films that wouldn’t have Blacks in their productions as regular cowboys. I’m kinda embarrassed thinking how ignorant we were in the past.

Blacks have every bit as much “bragging rights” as everyone else when it comes to having cowboys in their past family tree. Not “blowing my family horn”, but Daniel Boone is in my family tree! (was carefully and intensively researched by a relative).

Neat huh?

  Next I need to mention “Buffalo Soldiers“.

A Buffalo Soldiers was a member of  one of four original regiments activated in 1866 by the United States Army; formed on September 21st,1866 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Today that name is referenced to the 9th and 10th Calvary units of the United States Army. The nickname was given to them by the Native Americans tribes they fought. The term eventually became synonymous with all the African-Americans regiments formed in 1866. Blacks, from early on, have fought by our sides, bled with us on the battlefield,fought in the trenches,wept while holding a buddy shot to death in battle, and all the other things associated with war. In all the ways Blacks have been with us throughout countless battles and all of our wars, it should be obvious that they are our brothers and family. I am proud to be part of the recognition that black people so richly deserve. It is how I atone for the horrible ways of the past.

Lastly I want to mention the Exodusters. Exodusters was a name given to African-Americans who fled the Southern United States in 1879 and 1880. After the end of reconstruction, racial oppression and rumors of the re institution of slavery led many freedmen to seek a new place to live.

Many left their homes, migrated to Kansas, and settled there because of  it’s fame as the land of the abolitionist John Brown. The state of Kansas had the reputation of being more progressive and tolerant than most others. Benjamin “pap” Singleton was a promoter of this idea.

Beings how I live here in Kansas, I thought that this was a cool fact!

It’s nice to know that Kansas was at least on the way to understanding equality and how to gauge and enforce it.

I’m appreciating Black History Month and doing my part to help educate and enlighten whom ever will listen. Thank you and…

Enjoy my blog!