What is the topic of the story(s)? The first topic was about reaping what you sow, which was a prologue.  The second was about an immigration bill passed by Alabama called HB56. Lastly, was about the unintended consequences of bringing new residents into a  Brooklyn neighborhood. Namely, a couple of chickens.

What made you laugh? Definitely the last story involving the two chickens. The way that the story was told by a great story teller and funny guy. I laughed several times listening to the antics of two fellas and their chickens.

What surprised you? The second story about the bill that Alabama passed. It’s amazing that we can still act like that and pass a bill that’s similar in my mind to the slavery bill of long ago. I truly feel for those children. There has to be a better way to deal with the situation than that. Shame on Alabama.

Describe the non-dialog elements used, such as sound effects, dramatic music, etc. How did these add or detract to the story being told? As always this site makes effective use of music, sounds, and dialogue to enrich and enhance their stories, thus bringing the listener into the story and making them a participant.