Jeff’s “is that a firepole or are you just…nvm

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My Home would be one of these babies, just for the sheer volume of space. On top of my house would of course have a helicopter pad, as well as swimming pool and garden. With this much room I can have pretty much every little whim and idea I can come up with. All my family and friends can have their own big areas. I would have all the conveniences like: restaurants, gyms, multiple theaters,  sound studios, arcades, bars, go-cart tracks,  libraries,  hospital,  kids play areas, art studios, multiple design studios, amusement parks, schools, and essentially whatever it takes to contain a city within a city. Then I wouldn’t need to leave my home. To sum it all up… If your gonna dream…...Dream Big!

Fire pole… sheesh, come on?


Jeff’s Tal 4 assignment


This podcast I listened to was called” What I did for love” . Act one starts with a couple that was 30 yrs old and and had a great relationship together. they had been together for 13 yrs and got to talking about how they never really spoke about marriage. For some odd reason they decided that before they would “tie the knot”  they would separate for a month and have sex with other people but not themselves. That in its self would make me throw up the red flag. If their relationship was so “honky-dory” that idea wouldn’t have produced itself. Anyway, they go a month of doing this, then decide to go for another month. hrmm… ooookay, which then leads to another. To cut to the chase, they decide to breakup their relationship permanently. They are now just good friends and chat 3 times a week. No mystery there for me. I saw that coming from the beginning. The hook was how it ended,but I saw it right away, because that is not how to handle a relationship with the person you love.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Act 2:   This was about a fellow getting “stung” by a pretty bee. It starts out where this guy is going to school and meets a pretty girl that has a lot in common with him. he woos her, falls in love w/her, and does everything he can to win her love. She pecks him on the cheek with a kiss, and he things that he got a signal that she is interested in him as well. Right away I thought that if she’s holding back that much, she either doesn’t like him, or she has a boyfriend. She eventually asks him for a bag of dope. red flag! He gets the bag and gives it to her and receives money in payment. Closed deal. The reason why she never warmed up to him is that she is a under-cover cop and was just setting him up (seems dirty to me because of how petty that was). I would have ulcers acting that way. I don’t do or condone drugs, but that seemed petty to me. I’ll bet the guy develops a mistrust for pretty girls from now on.                              Act 3: My Favorite!!!

This is a story about a duck that’s in love with a rock. There’s a boy duck that sees beauty in a rock. All the ducks around think he’s nuts except this one girl duck. She sees how thoughtful and loving this boy duck is and how sweet, caring, and faithful he is to this rock. She comes up with an idea to help this lovelorn duck get some resolve. She gets all the ducks together to carry this beautiful stone  to the edge of a cliff to throw it over and see what happens. They get exhausted and give up carrying the rock so the final way its carried by the girl duck and boy one. They get to the cliff and throw the rock over. At 1st it just falls(like a rock)but all of a sudden the rock transforms and changes into a beautiful grey duck. She turns her head and says “good-bye”. They go back to the duck town and all the ducks say, “what happened”?  The girl duck said, ” The rock just fell”. Days later while the girl duck was swimming around thinking avbout the boy duck, the boy duck swooped down and landed,swam over to the girl duck. She noticed a little salamander in his bill. Is that for me, she asked?  The boy duck just smiled.

Adorable!!!  How sweet a story.

I had tears in my eyes listening to this story. (yeah I know, what a wuss). Beautifly written, well narrated, and great music and noises at just the right times.

Act 4: This was basically about snooping, and the consequences of it. A womon dates this guy for a while and he accidently leaves his diary to where she can read it.  She finds out that he has been cheating on her and she isnt as significant as she assumed. Well…….sure wasnt as fun as the duck one…

The story wasnt my cup of tea, but it still had good qualities within it by the use of music and sounds, which shows me that even with a not so good story, if you use good delivery skills, you can end up with something enjoyable to listen to.

Jeff’s TAL 3 Assignment

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This podcast was titled “conventions”  Act one began with a guy who would watch the old TV show “Dark Shadows”  for like eight hours a day, seven days a week. That in itself seems over the top for watching just one particular show, let alone how damn slow and boring a show it was. I watched a little bit of it as a teenager and could never stay interested in it for very long. Anyway, this guy goes to a “Dark Shadows Convention and tells about his feelings being there and all the events he went through as the four days play-out.  His first day there at the convention he feels out of place because of his “Dark Shadows” attire (which no one else was wearing) and of course the newness of the first day being there. He becomes more relaxed and “gets in the groove” the next day. At the convention there, they had TV’s playing various “Dark Shadows” episodes with lots of places to sit and watch. By the third day he is already getting tired of the monotonous style of watching and discussing the show. By day four he is so burned-out that he feels like never watching another episode again. that was funny to hear (being how he was such a” Dark shadows junkie”).  He said that he was later ( when he was home of course) able to watch the episodes again. I’m guessing not as frequently though.

The next act was about a dude who wrote books about being a dishwasher and traveling around to every state “bustin suds”. He goes to this convention for restaurants owners and mingles with them. I’m having a harder time remembering this story. I guess because the story itself wasn’t on a subject I felt was very interesting to listen to. I hate bustin suds at home or at work. I worked for “Bob’s Big Boy” as a sud buster and lasted 3 days before bailing. I guess the gist of the story was about how he would ask questions to the owners about the actual dish washer workers and they really couldn’t answer any of his questions. At the end Bob Dole was speaking there and finally answered his question which was ” What do you have to say to all the dish washer workers out there”?  Bob Doles response was ” keep washing them”. That part was actually a little funny.

The last act (and my definite favorite) was about a guy who was speaking at a convention and there happened to be another convention within the building as well. the two conventions were drastically different from each other. His was some sort of digital electronic seminar, and the other convention was for psychologists.  At any rate, he was inter-mingling with guests from all the different conventions there and his eyes met a a gals and there gazes were locked for about 45 seconds. He eventually gets to where she is at and right away they “hit it off”. They spend the rest of the time there at the convention together. At some point they decide to get married and were preparing to spend their lives together when his fiancee takes a plane home back to their apartment and on the way there dies from a heart condition.

All I can say is that right there my mood changed drastically, listening to the rest of the story. He is still flying a lot ( from his job) and when he’s “up there” he feels closer to his beloved. Very sad…

As always throughout each story there are either noises or music or both. That was done effectively as always. I remember when one of them was riding a train or something, there was train noise; very effective.

Moods were enhanced if not created through the use of these audio nuances. I once again enjoyed the podcast greatly.

Jeff’s Black History Choices Summary

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Exodusters in Kansas

Buffalo Soldiers in Kansas
Black cowboys in the old west?…Of course!

In the Film Industry, there are  many western’s depicting how things were in the old West.      We rarely saw  a Black cowboy, yet 25% of all cowboys were Black!  The film Industry has  hidden this fact from so many people. I feel the need to get this fact out, and help us all to know and appreciate something that should  never have been unknown or hidden from us.

When I watch a western I definitely wanna see Blacks in it or it’s just not authentic.

“Tombstone” was a great movie And did have some Black cowboys (and cowgirls) in the cast. Who can forget “Blazing Saddles” That film had a black sheriff and it worked just fine.

It was the earlier films that wouldn’t have Blacks in their productions as regular cowboys. I’m kinda embarrassed thinking how ignorant we were in the past.

Blacks have every bit as much “bragging rights” as everyone else when it comes to having cowboys in their past family tree. Not “blowing my family horn”, but Daniel Boone is in my family tree! (was carefully and intensively researched by a relative).

Neat huh?

  Next I need to mention “Buffalo Soldiers“.

A Buffalo Soldiers was a member of  one of four original regiments activated in 1866 by the United States Army; formed on September 21st,1866 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Today that name is referenced to the 9th and 10th Calvary units of the United States Army. The nickname was given to them by the Native Americans tribes they fought. The term eventually became synonymous with all the African-Americans regiments formed in 1866. Blacks, from early on, have fought by our sides, bled with us on the battlefield,fought in the trenches,wept while holding a buddy shot to death in battle, and all the other things associated with war. In all the ways Blacks have been with us throughout countless battles and all of our wars, it should be obvious that they are our brothers and family. I am proud to be part of the recognition that black people so richly deserve. It is how I atone for the horrible ways of the past.

Lastly I want to mention the Exodusters. Exodusters was a name given to African-Americans who fled the Southern United States in 1879 and 1880. After the end of reconstruction, racial oppression and rumors of the re institution of slavery led many freedmen to seek a new place to live.

Many left their homes, migrated to Kansas, and settled there because of  it’s fame as the land of the abolitionist John Brown. The state of Kansas had the reputation of being more progressive and tolerant than most others. Benjamin “pap” Singleton was a promoter of this idea.

Beings how I live here in Kansas, I thought that this was a cool fact!

It’s nice to know that Kansas was at least on the way to understanding equality and how to gauge and enforce it.

I’m appreciating Black History Month and doing my part to help educate and enlighten whom ever will listen. Thank you and…

Enjoy my blog!

Jeff’s Black History month assignment


Tell me about the subjects you are considering and why they are interesting to you.                                                                           The three topics I chose to do are : Black cowboys, Buffalo soldiers, and The  Exodusters. These three topics are about famous Blacks in Kansas. Because of not being published in books, or shown in movies or television, Black cowboys are not thought of being many, however, Blacks made up 25%   of all cowboys.  Buffalo soldiers originally were members of the U.S 10th Calvary-unit United States Army, formed on September 21, 1866 at  Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The nickname was given to the  “negro Calvary” by the Native American tribes they fought.The term eventually became synonymous with all of the African-Americans regiments formed in 1866. Exodusters was a name given to African Americans who fled the Southern United States for Kansas in 1879 and 1880. After the end of Reconstruction, racial oppression and rumors of the re-institution of slavery led many freedmen to seek a new place to live. Many migrated to, and then settled, primarily in Kansas because of its fame as the land of the abolitionist John Brown (1800–1859). The state was reputed to be more progressive and tolerant than most others. 

Jeff’s summary of This American Life podcast

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What is the topic of the story(s)? The first topic was about reaping what you sow, which was a prologue.  The second was about an immigration bill passed by Alabama called HB56. Lastly, was about the unintended consequences of bringing new residents into a  Brooklyn neighborhood. Namely, a couple of chickens.

What made you laugh? Definitely the last story involving the two chickens. The way that the story was told by a great story teller and funny guy. I laughed several times listening to the antics of two fellas and their chickens.

What surprised you? The second story about the bill that Alabama passed. It’s amazing that we can still act like that and pass a bill that’s similar in my mind to the slavery bill of long ago. I truly feel for those children. There has to be a better way to deal with the situation than that. Shame on Alabama.

Describe the non-dialog elements used, such as sound effects, dramatic music, etc. How did these add or detract to the story being told? As always this site makes effective use of music, sounds, and dialogue to enrich and enhance their stories, thus bringing the listener into the story and making them a participant.