Jeff’s 10 Poster ideas concerning Black History In Kansas

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Black Cowboys and the Cattle Trail in Kansas

Gordon Parks

 Aaron Douglas

Stanley Ann Dunham

Bloody Kansas

buffalo soldiers


Langston Hughes

Gwendolyn Brooks

Hattie McDaniel

These ten subjects are possibilities for making three posters showcasing famous blacks in Kansas.


Jeff’s T.A.L 1

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This American Life Podcast ” Mr. Daisy and  the Apple Factory“.

Topic of the story: Seeing behind the shroud of our American beliefs that everything in the

factory world is similar to our own. Knowing the ugly reality of what it means to be a worker in

some of  China’s main factories. Opening are eyes to the truth to things we never consider, thus giving us a new appreciation of what we have and what others may not have.

What made me laugh: The narrator of this story is a genius at manipulating quite possibly any story

  put in his hands. He has the rare ability of creating moods and textures through just dialogue.

So when he decides it’s time for laughing, he simply manipulates his narrative in a manner that

generates laughter. I laughed during pieces of dialogue thrown between sad stuff, which is kinda

amazing in it’s self. He knows people well.

What surprised me? The extreme conditions were more than I had known, or wanted to know.

Again the way that the story teller could make me laugh during a very sad point in his narrative

is very surprising.

Non-dialogue elements: There was music and sounds that would periodically play to affect a mood

upon the listeners. Even though these sounds and music played in certain areas of the narrative,

thus giving moods and textures, I think the narrator was so good that these other elements could have

been vacant from the story and the story would have still been great.

When I’m creating my own podcast, it’s quite obvious to me to use the methods I’ve learned in this

particular one. Those methods being: speaking with true feelings, knowing my subject well,knowing

my audience, incorporating ambient sounds and music,and just having fun with it.

Jeff’s Visual Metaphor

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What it means to me

to be a student…

Hard work,Dedication,


Blood,Sweat,and plenty

of tears….


Doing my homework instead of

playing my MMO game