The New Yorker caught my eye because of the colors and shapes,also because it has a cartoonish look that I like. It shows a street that appears to be New York in the fall(probably like the current month of the magazine,which is Nov.)There is only two different fonts, so my eyes were focused mainly on the image. It gave me a feeling of seeing one of the streets of New York in November as it would normally be. The subtle colors chosen give the image a cool, peaceful feeling.

Popular Science was interesting to look at because of the action that was going on.It made me visualize a hand being de-moleculized by an energy beam. the fonts were black and white, and were in the same font family,only different sizes to make me focus on the larger fonts first. Minimum color, but image works just fine that way.My eyes focused on the center of the magazine first,which is the focal point where the main interest is. Very cool image.

Light metal age magazine is not a very exciting magazine, however the cover most certainly is. The use of perspective made for a very interesting design.The image would have been much less appealing if it was shot from a different angle, like the front having the bars horizontal. they kept the font more neutral so I would see the image first. Anyone would pickup this magazine just to look at it . Amazing how a factory machine when seen from a different angle could be so interesting.