When I began watching this film I was immediately drawn into the story because of how this movie was put together.There were several mediums that were used to capture my attention: The use of camera angles and closeups, the natural way that the actors were acting,the use of an antagonist,the settings,were all factors in keeping me focused on the story.  There were strong arguments, both in favor of the painting being genuinely Pollock made, and against it. Throughout the  film I would flip-flop between who’s side of the fence I was on. I’m still unsure of what to believe,but being a romantic, I would like to think that it is an original Jackson Pollock. The similarities I saw between Teri and Jackson Pollock  are: they’re both stubborn, they both liked to drink,and they both wanted a large sum of money for their painting. The filmmaker did a fine job of recreating the instances, as when I was watching it, it seemed like the “real deal”. The filmmaker made the film seem like it was an actual documented film. I enjoyed it, even though the subject of the story wasn’t a very exciting one, because of how well it was made.