Style as it refers to design: The look and feel of the design(usually created by specific techniques) It also can mean a specific historically recognized style, like during a certain time period and culture.    There are several ideas that can be conveyed using style, such as: Style as technique,style as an artistic movement, and style used as context. Salvador Dali [1904-1989] was probably the greatest surrealist painter. He used bizarre dream images to create a landscape of his inner mind onto the canvas. Surrealism is a style that shows fantastic visual images from the dream-world; used with no intention of having the work make logical sense. One of Dalis’ most famous (and a favorite of mine) is called:The persistence of memory. It shows his theory of softness and hardness. I’m personally drawn to his work because of how interesting his  choices of imagery and the way he comprehends and interprets his dreams applied to canvas are. A web page using this technique would be limited to certain companies that are looking for bizarre type imagery.