What is composition as it applies to design?It is the use of design, to make all the different elements

of a piece,work as a whole. It gives unity and layout(it is the glue that holds all the elements together).

What is unity as it applies to design?It is a general feel and look of an image that shows continuity,

and all design elements are related,showing they belong together.

An example of how other elements of design can be used to create unity:using the same styles through-

out and using the same design techniques. They can be conceptually alike as well, showing a connection

between all images(related items).

What is the layout of a design?It is the arrangement of all the elements of a design,in the space of the

piece.It plays a very large part in composition.

How can the grid be used as a layout tool?To develop the layout of a new media project;it also can be

used as a guide to place the different content in the work area.

How do a grid layout and a non grid layout differ?A non grid layout doesn’t adhere to lining all design 

objects in relative straight lines and grid fashions.It provides exploration and interactivity.

An example of a metaphor used in a non grid layout:Interfaces that simulate a television and a remote

control to view various channels/or an office setting that contains images of different equipment,that

for example,clicking on a file cabinet accesses stored files.

What is balance as it applies to design?It also helps create good composition;is about the parts of an

image and how they compare to the other elements of the same image.keeping the weight even

throughout the whole design image.

What is the point of focus?It is the area of the design that attracts the most attention.

What is the rule of thirds?It is a spatial arrangement that creates a balance by dividing the space of an

image into three equal parts and making each of the sections relatively the same visual weight.

What is the golden spiral?It is a form of composition that has its root in the rule of thirds, but in this case

each third is divided again by three.

When using color, an element can be given more visual weight by:Value (the darker an object,the more

weight it has in the design).

Generally,is a darker value seen as lighter or heavier for the purpose of visual weight?Heavier(see above

How can implied motion affect balance?The viewer sees the image moving from its current position to

the open space(filling in the the empty space, thereby giving it weight),equalizing the image.