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I watched a guy named Tiajuna Jackson give his  10 minute speech on what I interpreted as  him learning

” The system” which means he learned while in prison, the different levels of peoples and there level there as

such. Starting from the top: Government, then State, warden,guards,then inmates,and within the inmates were levels of

their own. One individual could become powerful by how many followers he had. Which brings us to why he was saying all

that. We ourselves can become powerful through the internet by joining and excelling in such things as

Twitter,and Facebook ,and similar sites like WordPress,or Dropbox. Linking us up to a whole community

for advice, sharing ideas, seeing what all is new out there, it is endless!


Jeff’s Chapters 5 and 6 Review Questions

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Shape can be thought of as a combination of what two design elements? Line and Space. What is the term for the shape of a three dimensional object? Volume. What is value as it applies to design? Value can convey a great deal of information to an image. Value can give the appearance of  an object, a third dimensional look,making it seem realistic. Value is a very important tool for the designer. How does color affect Value? When we look at an object,we don’t see just a red ball; We see many different shades of red,depending on the amount of light,and where the light source is,and our distance from the object. Color  affects the value by these examples dramatically,depending on how drastic the ambient light source or distance is. Value affects color as well,through these same ways.                                          

Jeff’s Shape And Line Portraits

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This portrait was done using shape and value                                          The One above was done using only line

Jeffs wire-work

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I found a picture of a walleye on the web.I then copied it to illustrator in a new document.Then outlined the fishy using a continual line;starting at A,and ending at B(two separate points) near each other at basil fin. This project didn’t really take very long because of how it was done. 30 minutes(thanks to learned processes). The result is quite wonderful!  Thanks to an artist who designed fish originally,I could duplicate it easily.