Describe 2-3 Important examples of humans using digital media:Myself playing lotro(Lord Of The Rings Online),Getting online to research as to whether the spider that had just bitten him was a violin spider,or just a common brown spider,Getting on cell phone and dialing 911 to ask for help for an emergency, then texting wife.Any of the many various web-sites that are self-help.Flipping on PS3 and playing FF12.Turning on my HD 1080P Visio to watch news and weather.When were some times of transition or upheaval with regards to using these media?Several decades ago ,the designers personality,and that of the technophile,were thought to be completely different.Some of the 1st designing computers were huge and expensive,having only the ability of printing out a few lines of text on little scraps of paper.The movie business would struggle with design concepts,getting them to work on film.How is digital media like media of the past?It is a blending of many media of the past,used in ways that enable new methods of presentation.How is it different?There has been numerous advances in multiple forms of new media.It is much more complex and interactive.What are the implications of digital media for your life and your future?Foremost answer would have to be,that by my getting a degree in digital media,will influence my life as an income and a fun and rewarding job.On a recreation level,I would say that having continual improvements in the gaming realm is gonna keep me happy and well fed.<(**)>