Where does creativity come from? The Human mind is designed for creative thought(Some seem more adept than others). We have always wished to express what we are thinking, or feeling, to one another. To express our more vivid ideas,we would sometimes have to be more creative.As our ideas progressed,so did creativity.  What things do creative professional’s do to be creative?  There is many ways for a creative professional to be creative: He can be a musician who comes up with a new song, He can be an artist who creates an entirely new concept of painting a picture, He(and of course it can also be she)can be a scientist who comes up with a cure for all cancers; The list goes on and on.What are some things you can do to more creative? I’m already so creative I need to think about this one(j/k). Getting my degree in Digital media will definitely improve my creativity. Going to new places,seeing new things,talking to other people in the creative fields,much more,but again my hand cramps up <(* * )>