“Dead Week” is far from dead

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Hi everybody out there in the blogosphere,

I just finished editing my 2-min video project in my senior project class…WHEW!

When the animated intro and name titles are added to it I’ll post it for your viewing pleasure.

I have been non-stop doing homework for weeks now with no let-up, but it will soon be over…


I still have a big project yet finished in my visual basic class (been working hard on it too).

i got a couple papers to write (no big) and a scary physics final exam to get at least a C in. *gulp

Next Thursday is my last engagement with school related stuff (thank goodness) then I’m home free.

Damn I can’t wait!



Coming to the End

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As this semester draws to a close I find myself reflecting on it. It was unlike any other semester Ive had. i spent most of my time both away and at home doing school related stuff. My youngest daughter wasn’t getting very much of my attention (she may actually like that part) and my house has become a train wreck. i see now that sometimes school is hard work without much fun. I am a big advocate of always displaying a positive outlook on life regardless of how I feel inside and staying cheerful, however, this semester has challenged that tremendously. i now have most projects done and now can focus on finals and one last tough project in visual basic. i cannot allow myself to relax just yet. i want to share 4 posters I created in my Adv/Graphics class. Enjoy them and have a great day!


Happy Earth Day!

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Hello everybody and happy Earth day to you!

I want everyone to spend some time today outside looking around and seeing all the beauty and resources that we normally just take for granted.


Just finished my 3rd physics exam so my brain’s still sizzlin

image 9
The ride home helped me relax a bit, and I am enjoying the cool breeze while it lasts today. I am still working on my social media paper (Social Media in the Workplace) and hope to finish it this weekend.

Adding some flair!

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Here is a killer chihuahua video:

Trying some new stuff because just words on a blog can be unattractive and not very fun. I decided I will for now on try to incorporate snapshots and videos, or a graphic to make my blogs desirable to read.

I am also wanting to create a website using this platform (should be fun).


I made the Einstein image in Adobe Illustrator my freshman year in college and was new to the adobe suites, however, this image still isn’t all that bad i think.

Preparing for the end

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There is only 5 weeks of class left…Gulp

Trying to get my old mind to stay calm and get organized is a challenge sometimes :p
I’m halfway through getting my paper done for my social media class (due in 4 days).
I have still 2 tests left to take in my physics class which is nerve-wrecking. I spend
ample time and effort in this physics class, yet my heads barely above water (hope I don’t drown).
My brain is wired for creativity and art/music. These things I do easily; math and logistics…..

Open house was this weekend and I worked it for my physics teacher. Had a blast! (literally)
We had a booth setup to launch water bottles way up in the air like rockets using just compressed air.
I love interacting with the children and helping them have fun. soon my youngest daughter will be an adult and leaving the nest. I will no longer have a teaching/guiding purpose at home. I am so used to it that I may change my degree to one of teaching. I have always been good at working with kids (and young adults) Who knows….I’ll take it 1 step at a time.

Fun class today!

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Today in my social media class we got to Skype with a class that is from Connecticut. They are seventh graders, and I’m not sure what particular class their in.
We played a game where each classroom gets 1 question to guess where the other classrooms town or city is located. These questions are of the yes or no type.
Me and a boy from the other classroom played rock, paper, scissors to see who would go 1st. He won, so he chose 1st. Their initial questions were funny because they asked if we were in the west, then they asked if we were in the east, then south and north. We answered with no for everyone of those questions which confused them for a bit. I guess technically we are from the west (Midwest).
Eventually they guessed Salina and won. beaten by a bunch of 7th graders…Grrrrr

Actually I’m happy they won. They were a nice bunch of kids who were having a lot of fun. I want to do that again (Skype). I want a rematch against those kids who whipped us.

That experience reaffirmed my desire to become a teacher. I love kids and want to educate them in a fun and new way.

My, how time fly’s when one’s on vacation

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I swear I just recently left college to begin my week’s Spring break. It’s already Saturday and I feel the pressure beginning to swell from within me. I’ve worked on school stuff everyday, but also had time to myself(finally). I still have a ton of stuff to get done…

I hear my daughter in the other room whistling a Zelda’s lullaby or something like it, as she plays her 3DS and has her computer up doing something on DeviantArt, also texting on her smart phone. I have a hard enough time doing 1 thing :p Oh well, she’s happy, so I am too.

I wrote down what I had left to do this morning and that made me melancholy, but I wont let that stop me from getting some work done AND goofing around a bit.

I hope all my school chums including my teachers are enjoying their time off as well!

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